Services Offered by the Auto Transport Industry

Planning to transport your car for a vacation location or as a car dealer you have to transport a purchased vehicle or you are moving into a new location, these are one among many reasons why people will look for an auto transport company to help them send their car to a specific destination, depending on the kind of services a customer will look for, like open air service, enclosed transport, terminal to terminal, door to door, luxury, exotic and high end services, and electric vehicle shipping. What is important is for a customer to know these different service offers in order to get the best possible assurance that his/her car will be transported into a point destination safely and at a reasonable price.

The open air car transportation service allows for a good number of cars that will be shipped to a specific destination and are loaded into a multi-car carrier, of which this is a preferred choice by auto car dealers or with customers who would like to save and are conscious on a cost-effective measure. One primary concern of customers, when they get to understand the open air car transport service, is the effect of the weather and road conditions which their cars will be subjected to as they are being in transit.

That is why some customers would rather choose the enclosed auto transport service, even if the price is a bit higher, because it protects the cars from the elements. If your choice is for an enclosed car transport service, you will be further asked which type will you prefer, the soft-sided which is simply enclosing the cars from the elements, such as damages from small rocks, wind and rain, by shielding them with a covered canvas or the hard-sided which fully encloses the cars, sealing them from all sorts of travel elements. Additional services provided for hard-sided type of enclosed car transport to ensure the best possible protection, especially for luxury or high-end cars are – air ride suspension to ensure for a smoother ride, wall and floor mounted brackets, covered interior and exterior, hydraulic lift gate for loading and unloading, and drip guards to prevent possible leaks.

Generally, most auto transport services have their standard terminal to terminal car shipment, being the most affordable, and which requires customers to drop off and pick up their cars from the company’s maintained terminals. Another form of service is the door to door, which is convenient to the customer, but will command a higher price, and which may be a better option if a terminal is not available in a designated location that the customer requires, since the advantage here is that your car will be picked up from your place and shipped to the location that you want to be dropped off. With these types of services, a car insurance will be usually required and the customer can have the choice of deciding to accept the package deal offered by the car transport company or secure one from a third party carrier.

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