Before and After Marriage: Counseling Advice

When people someone they see worth sharing the rest of their lives with, they normally do a wedding in church. Time to time we get invitation to attend weddings for either our friends or relatives.

Right before marriage couples usually court, during these time couples spend time together, each partner tries to know more about the other. They do many activities together and when they are finally ready they get married.

Before tying the note couples are usually advised to go for counselling. In this kind of counselling the woman is taught her role in the marriage and the same applies to the man. They are shown how to solve conflicts and how to live in harmony with each other. The relatives of the couple as well as church leaders give counselling sessions to the couple.

It is normal for couples to experience conflicts and arguments at one some point in their marriage. They couple spend more time away from each other and arguments become part of their daily life. In extreme cases the couple will want to have a divorce.

In extreme cases the couple choose to go ahead and get a divorce. In such cases it is advisable to consider going for counselling. The counseling can either be done individual, where each couple goes to see the therapist alone or you go for the counselling sessions together.

The marriage counselor in the process of trying to solve your marriage, will begin asking questions like how your marriage got to this point. Telling the couple to remember how their relationship was in the initial stages if something the therapist will tell them. Study has shown that couples going through difficult situation in their lives are likely to start drifting away from each other.

Dispute start to happen in most marriages when couples stop showing love to one another as they did before. The marriage counselor will try and see how both of you can work to getting back to a place where those needs were been accomplished.

You can easily find books which have been written about marriage and relationships. The counselor can give the couple those books to read and help them in the process of solving their conflict. You can buy copies of such books online, they are many authors who have written about marriage.

After people get married, if they want they can start having babies. Most couples have very busy schedules, they cannot afford to be around their kids all the time, hence most couples end up hiring a nanny to look after the babies. It is advisable to know more information about the person who will be taking care of your kids.

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