Today’s Application of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an area in computer science that involves the development of machines that are capable of performing tasks which would normally need the human intelligence. From a previous task, the machines can be able to perform a similar task due to the experience, they are also fed with large quantities of data from which they recognize patterns and therefore come up with more results. Such tasks that the machines are expected to perform are to recognize speech, visual perception, decision-making, reasoning, and problem solving among others.

Today, this technology is very popular and has a lot of impacts on major activities performed daily in any industry. One of the visible examples of such technologies is robots which are taking up human roles which are dangerous for a person to perform such as bomb disconnection. Such impacts are well embraced since they put the life of the person performing the task in danger and assigning the duty to a robot ensures a person’s life is protected. Almost everyone today has used the artificial intelligent technology especially if they have a gadget such as a mobile phone, whereby you use the applications that have speech recognition capability as a virtual assistant to maybe remind you of something later, help you discover a location and much more. With such technology of virtual assistance, some sites have the ability to customize results for you the next time you search for something due to prior experience of your popular searches.

Artificial intelligence is applied in detecting fraud activities especially in transaction involving purchases from a bank account, usually, done through sending the information to the contacts of the account holder maybe to their email address, or mobile phone whereby you confirm if you have made such a transaction. That is also the case for account login’s such as email login whereby the artificial intelligence will be applied in detecting whether the login attempt is from the true owner of the account especially when the login attempt is from a device that has never been used to login to that account. The application of artificial intelligence in such daily activities has been fruitful in data protection and also prevention of fraud activities which would otherwise cost a lot. The ability to perform such tasks are usually due to enough learning whereby the computer is fed with a lot of information and examples of both fraud activities and non fraud activities hence the computer learns how to classify an activity into either a fraud or an approved one. Today, there are driver-less cars on the road in some parts of the world and more research still ongoing to enhance this technology of driver-less cars which learn to observe roads and though experience drive themselves which an application if artificial intelligence.
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